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Best Makeup Artists in India

The makeup industry in India is vibrant and continuously evolving, with many talented makeup artists making their mark. Here are some of the best makeup artists in India, who were highly recognized and popular at that time:

Namrata Soni: With a long list of Bollywood celebrities as her clientele, Namrata Soni is one of India's most celebrated makeup artists. She is known for her flawless makeup looks and attention to detail.

Shanthi Immi: Shanthi Immi is a professional makeup artist based in Hyderabad, India. She worked with many Tollywood celebrities. She not only does bridal makeup transformations but makes stunning artwork on herself. In several of her posts, you can see her creating various things like illusion mask makeup, face art, animal prints, SFX makeup.

Mickey Contractor: Associated with MAC Cosmetics in India, Mickey Contractor is renowned for his natural and elegant makeup styles. He has worked with many Bollywood celebrities.

Ambika Pillai: With multiple salons across the country, Ambika Pillai is a prominent name in the Indian makeup industry. She is known for her creativity and expertise in bridal makeup.

Ojas Rajani: A talented makeup artist known for her bold and glamorous looks. Ojas Rajani has worked with numerous Bollywood stars and fashion models.

Elton Fernandez: With his specialization in fresh and dewy makeup looks, Elton Fernandez is a sought-after makeup artist in the fashion and film industry.

Clint Fernandes: A well-known name in the beauty industry, Clint Fernandes has worked with various celebrities and has been associated with prestigious fashion events.

Cory Walia: With years of experience in the industry, Cory Walia is regarded as one of the pioneers in the makeup artistry field in India.

Sandhya Shekar: An accomplished makeup artist known for her ability to create elegant and glamorous looks for brides and fashion shoots.

Please note that the status and popularity of makeup artists may have changed since my last update. I recommend checking recent reviews, portfolios, and client testimonials to find the best makeup artist for your specific needs and preferences.

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